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Sewage Backup in Chillicothe, OH

Here we had a situation in Chillicothe, Ohio where this family had faced a sewage backup in their home which affected their unfinished basement. The concrete al... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in Circleville, OH

Here we can see the results of some smoke damage in this Circleville home. This was the result of a small stove fire that left smoke residue across the entire a... READ MORE

Roof tarping in Jackson, Ohio

Here we can see that this skylight has seen better days. the sealant has degraded and allowed water to enter the home causing water damage. The homeowner began ... READ MORE

Backup in Chillicothe, OH Church

Due to the recent storms, excess water in the sewage lines caused a backup in this local church. We quickly arrived to assess the damage and formulate a game pl... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure in Chillicothe, OH Basement

The purpose of a sump pump is to move water that is collected in or around your basement and to pump it away from your home, preventing flooding. However, after... READ MORE

Restore vs Replace

Here at SERVPRO, during our mitigation process, we attempt to save and preserve as much material as reasonably possible. This practice helps lower costs and kee... READ MORE

Ground Water in Chillicothe, OH Basement

During heavy rains, if there is improper drainage, excess water can overflow and pool at the base of your home. At that point, if your basement is not watertigh... READ MORE

24/7 Service

Why SERVPRO? One of the many perks of working with SERVPRO is the fact that we offer around-the-clock service for emergency calls. We understand that disaster d... READ MORE

Flooded Commercial Building

Here we can see the before and after of a commercial-sized building in Ross County, Ohio that suffered some serious floodwater. this issue came during the heavy... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Damage

Electrical fires can create massive damage to your home. Thankfully this instance was able to be extinguished quickly and caused minimal damage. the fire manage... READ MORE